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Darrell Curtis:

Interesting tidbits. Keep an eye on the blog, since I assure you the article to which he refers will like his others: original, full of tantalizing detail, and a great addition to the lore of the franchise. (I haven’t seen it, I just know my blog buddy is a great writer. )

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Full-length articles haven’t been forthcoming lately, but my excuse is, I hope, solid enough. It’s my last semester of university and I’m aiming to cinch my first-class honours. In addition to that, I’ve been slowly stewing over an article that I’ve been researching for almost two years now. I promise that once it’s finished you will learn something new and exclusive to Strange Shapes. I’m very excited about it… but these lips are sealed for the moment.

But I don’t want to leave my visitors hanging, so as a form of compensation I thought I would write a list of ‘did you know?’ facts and trivia about the series that hopefully even the long-term and well-read fan will find illuminating.

I will update this article with more tidbits whenever they come to mind, since at this moment my brain is being occupied by Arthurian knights and gumshoe Marlowe types…

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Starlog Magazine : Free Texts : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Hi, there!  I’ve been meaning to write up this post, but you see, I’ve been a little busy…

…busy downloading one of my favorite old-time science fiction magazines:


This cool logo sparked my imagination and fired my love of science fiction and the expectation of treasures found between the covers of this great magazine.

We’ll get back to that in a minute…

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The Space Review: A time of danger and opportunity for US-Russian space relations

The primary concern in the US space community about worsening relationswith the Russians is that Russia might deny Americans access to the station via Soyuz spacecraft. That danger, though, may also be seen as an opportunity by some to raise the profile—and the budget—of NASA’s commercial crew program to develop vehicles that can end reliance on the Soyuz for accessing the station.

via The Space Review: A time of danger and opportunity for US-Russian space relations.

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Building The Nostromo – One Piece at a Time, by Sith_Fire30 Creations


Fellow Nostromo aficionado and master model sculptor Dayton Allen (aka Sith_Fire30), has been toiling away at a work of love (or mad obsession) that explores the beloved Nostromo from a different perspective and scope.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 10.53.37 PM

One of many collaborators at Propsummit.com that contribute ideas, photos, work samples, and encouragement to others Nostromo-maniacs, Dayton has produced work in styrene and sculpts that, quite frankly, will floor the casual observer!

If you’re a serious fanatic, you will recognize the finer details of his designs as they come together, forming the commercial towing vehicle’s corridors, compartments, and other chambers.

Subscribe to his blog to keep up with progress reports and share the word with your friends. And be mindful that he doesn’t limit his creativity to the first ‘Alien’ film in the franchise; he has done mock-ups and sculpts from ‘Aliens’, and ‘Alien3.’


Happy browsing, and be sure to leave an encouraging comment or two for him.

But read Dayton’s own words and see his pictures on his Facebook, Pinterest, and Flickr pages for yourself.


(all photos are property of Dayton Allen)

via Sith_Fire30 Creations.

{Gosh, if I keep posting about the damned ‘Alien’ ship much more, I’ll need to rename the old blog, eh?)


Absurd Creature of the Week: The Wasp That Enslaves Cockroaches With a Sting to the Brain – Wired Science

In the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate, which my 10th grade history teacher showed us under the mistaken impression that it could teach us anything at all about history, an American war hero is brainwashed by communists to assassinate a presidential nominee. It doesn’t work, because the reds went about the mind-control all wrong. They would have done well to take a lesson from the emerald cockroach wasp aka the jewel wasp, which employs a very real and far more disturbing and effective method of brainwashing.

And to think the life cycle of the creature in ‘Alien’ seemed so other-worldly…when we have something like this right here on planet Earth! Whew, makes me squeamish.

Check out the full story, with video, below.

via Absurd Creature of the Week: The Wasp That Enslaves Cockroaches With a Sting to the Brain – Wired Science.